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Steven johnson is the model new boyfriend of sonya curry

The Curry parents had always been in attendance to look at each Stph and Seth’s video games, and it felt like a downer when the information was introduced. Sonya Curry also accused her husband of cheating on her during their marriage. Dell Curry mentioned his soon-to-be ex-wife resides with Johnson in Tennessee and should not be entitled to alimony.

Who is dell curry dating now?

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The details about earlier dates and hookups is continually up to date. The couple, married for 33 years, share three children, Stephen, Seth, and Sydel. Stephen plays for the Golden State Warriors and has won three NBA Championships and two MVP awards. Seth plays for the Philadelphia 76ers and helped the team earn the No. 1 seed in the playoffs this previous season. Sydel is married to Damion Lee who additionally performs for the Warriors.

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Is the dell curry’s new lady nicki smith?

However, Sonya has rejected some allegations put forth by Dell such, as living together along with her boyfriend. She stated that she resides alone in her house as Dell refused to provide her alimony and likewise kicked her out of his home. Stephen Curry’s mother accepted the fact about her being in a relationship. Furthermore, she accused it was her ex-husband who cheated on her with other women. Meanwhile, she can additionally be having rumors that she goes to date Drake Graham as there are claims that they used to flirt.

He played as a tight end within the huge leagues for two years earlier than suffering a profession ending knee injury. Despite Sonya’s allegations of frequent dishonest, Dell Curry has constantly maintained his status as a family man. On the other hand, Sonya herself grew to become embroiled in an argument in 2016, when a video of her “booty bumping” a person at a sport went viral on social media. The viral video clip also confirmed a “stone-faced” Dell Curry sitting two seats away. The internet went bonkers speculating an affair between Sonya and the thriller man, however the rumor mills have been quickly put to relaxation by daughter Sydel Curry.

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