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If you fail to file and pay payroll taxes in the Netherlands in the proper time frame, you’ll be fined accordingly. The fines for late payment are 3% of the outstanding amount with a maximum of €5,514. If you don’t file your returns on time, you’ll receive a fine of €68. Another part is paid by a contribution that employers are required to pay.


But tracking down and reporting on all that information by hand is just as crazy. When you’re hiring Dutch tax residents, you have to withhold payroll taxes from their salary. In lieu of using specialized payroll services, some companies opt to rely on payroll software programs. Once the company purchases the software, there are no additional monthly fees.

Gross pay

Payroll Online Payroll works for small to midsize businesses—from accountants and financial experts to nonprofits, construction companies, and restaurants. The contribution to the ZVW for 2021 is 7% of the gross yearly wage. This means that no matter how much more an employee makes a year, you won’t be required to pay more than €4,081.77 annually. To make sure employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance, employees may not work more than 60 hours per week. A single shift can be no more than 12 hours long, and an employee needs to get at least 11 hours off between shifts. To establish a foreign company in the Netherlands, you need to register with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, or KVK.

What is payroll in Netherlands?

Payrolling (in Dutch) is a special form of hiring staff. The payroll company employs the payroll employees who work for you. The payroll company provides staff on loan and you borrow them, so to speak, as its client. You recruit the payroll employees yourself, determine their salary, and have complete supervision.

The allowance covers 100% of the daily wage of your employee for the duration of the maternity leave. For paternity leave, it covers 100% for the first five days and 70% for the optional five weeks. These are the basics you need to know about the legislation when setting up your payroll in the Netherlands. You can learn more in our dedicated guide to employee benefits in the Netherlands.

Offer country-specific benefits at competitive rates

Pre-tax deductions are deductions that are taken out of an employee’s gross pay amount before it is subject to tax. And could include health, dental, or life insurance, deductions for certain retirement accounts, or deductions for FSA or HSA accounts. A payroll tax is a percentage withheld from an employee’s salary and paid to a government to fund public programs. Employers don’t match income tax deductions, but they pay federal unemployment taxes.


The software is designed for small to large businesses, from 1–500 employees, in all industries. Whether you are a seasoned business or just starting out, our software will help you keep your time and money. Since our payroll software is online, you only need access to a web browser and the Internet.

Time Saving Solutions for Payroll, HR, and Benefits

One of our biggest concerns of opening a business was needing to employ others and be compliant with all things that are required. Some simple data entry to set up a new employee and then a few minutes each pay period to enter the hours worked, and Patriot takes care of the rest. By the mid 1990s payroll taxes already exceeded 25 % in many areas, to cover current costs. Previously, employers paid the pension payroll tax, and it was not reported on wage earner’s paychecks.

  • Contributions to the Unemployment Insurance Act is 2.94% of wages for an employee with a permanent contract, and 7.94% for employees with a temporary contract.
  • “It’s easy to learn. It’s very user-friendly. It’s fast, even for a first time user. It’s perfect for our business. It’s affordable. And, it’s been a great experience so far.
  • Businesses are keeping their payrolls low by embracing new technologies.
  • After you have completed your tax filing setup, Patriot Software will collect payroll taxes on approved payrolls usually the first banking day before the pay date. might also face tax penalties for errors made by the payroll service. Successive governments have tried to tackle the country’s pension system, which is based on payroll taxes, arguing that people must work longer to support retirees who are living longer. Paychex will credit an Eligible Client’s invoice for free payroll services in months two , four , and six following commencement of payroll processing services. The Promotion only applies to payroll services, and Eligible Clients will be solely responsible for all fees due for services other than payroll services.

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  • 1–19 Employees Paychex’s small business solutions are customized for businesses with 1–19 employees to help you save time, cut costs & comply with government regulations.
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  • Furthermore, recruitment companies and clients may be potentially liable for the unpaid tax.
  • Since it saves me so much time I can devote that to other duties.
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